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Me in California 1992. Taken with a Targa True Vision video Capture card for the IBM PC.

I need to get some more recient pictures up here since I have lost some weight and also the (Height / Width) ratio is off on these pictures...

I was born 1967 and raised in Clifton New Jersey and later moved to California at the age of 19. It was shortly afterward that I was Hired by Stanford University. There I did programming, electronics and precision machining to develop Equiptment to treat Cancer tumor in live human patients. I worked there for 4 1/2 Years until our grant ended. So 10 Years I was living in the Bay Area,in or Near Redwood City. Then I spent 1994 living in San Francisco working for WellsFargo Bank. In 1995 I was living in Manhattan, NY,NY. And Then I had a 9 Month Contract with SunSoft in Los Angeles.
Written 6/4/95 8 PM.

Me at Rainbowfest 84 computer show. Taken with the latest in Video capture hardware the VIDX Graphx video digitizer on a Radio Shack color computer. (32K Memory 1 Mhz 6809 processor) Do you realize this image is 19 Years OLD.

This is the Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer nicknamed the Coco.