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Stellardesigns Laser Show stuff I helped set up in 1994/5. I just love high powered lasers.

(Enlarge) One hell of a big tree. California Redwoods.

Year book photo from Clifton Sr. High School 1985, me sitting in the library as usual, master mining my plans for world domination
Notice how well I remove the Halftone dots from the lithographic printing process, required special filtering and adjusting the linearity.

(Enlarge) I used to think this was a long program.

(Enlarge) Yes I actualy filled this thing a lit it. It sort of worked

Home Made telescope still under contruction, 1989 at Fremont Peaks. Built as part of a homemade telescope contest in view of other amature astronomers without any electricity or power tools.

My Son John Arthur Sokol, checking out the finished telescope.

1984 Trenton State Computer Festival in New Jersey, this is back in the day.

Trenton Computer Festival
The first personal computer show in the U.S. It was started in 1976 by Professor Sol Libes and Dr. Allen Katz, and its two principal organizers were Trenton State College (now named The College of New Jersey) and the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ). Expecting only a few hundred people, TCF drew several thousand attendees from all over the country, inspiring the creation of the West Coast Computer Faire shortly thereafter.

(Enlarge) Welcome to California, Now go Home. 1986 on Highway 80 Entering California for the first time. Notice the wooden bumper on the station wagon, It was broken off on the right side, from a woman that totaled her car betting she could pass a truck on the ice before crashing into the back of me. This was in New Jersey, I Much prefer EarThQuAkeS to snow and ice.

(Enlarge) Paterson New Jersey, the Great Falls Power plant,the first HydroElectic power station ever, set up by Thomas Edison Himself.

Clifton High School, Notice the Bulls Eye in the Center, Wouldn't this make a great arial target?

(Enlarge) 1/25/03 Computer Sketch done at a commercial vending machine/photobooth thing.