John L. Sokol

San Jose, California  (669)200-8207

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Hands on Sr. Software Engineer and Architect

Researcher and Manager



To find a stable and challenging long-term position that will allow me to increase my standing within the engineering and standards communities.


·        Advanced Unix (BSD, Linux) Kernel and Applications development: 18 Years

·        Audio and Video Compression and Streaming, Image processing: 16 Years

·        TCP/IP network protocols, routing and streaming: 10 Years

·        Embedded systems software development: 10 Years

·        Distributed Systems and clusters. High-end servers, queuing theory and caching: 13 Years  

·        Experience in overall system design, architecture, theory and development.

·        Proven track record for doing cutting-edge research and development.

·        Solving problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Software, hardware, physics, management, business, financial, sales and marketing.



20050168941 and 20040218362 System and apparatus for heat removal


Video Technology Inc.  Montclair, Ca  2003 - Present
Business Owner / Software Developer / Editor / Manager

Nisvara Inc.  Mountain View, Ca  2001 - Present
Engineering Manager

VCTVision Inc.  San Dimas, Ca  2003 - 2004
Engineering Manager

GlobalStreams Inc., Rancho Cordova, Ca.  2002
Embedded Systems & Video Compression Developer

Bravara Communication Inc., Palo Alto, Ca. 2001  (Company Closed)

Protocol Engineer, Kernel Developer

Enumera  2000 to 2001, Sr. Software Engineer and CTO

Digital Video Broadcast Systems, 1998 to 2000, Sr. Software Engineer and CTO (acquired IBS)

Internet Broadcast Systems, IBS, Los Angeles Ca. 1996 to 1998, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Cofounder

 Sun Soft, Los Angeles Ca. 1995, Short term Contract, Developer Support for Solaris 2.5 Pre-Beta

Wells Fargo Bank., San Francisco Ca. 1994 Contract Programmer

Sun Microsystems., Mountain View Ca. 1993 to 1994 Short term Contract Programmer

Micro Metric Inc., San Jose, CA. 1993 Programmer / Systems Engineer

 Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University, 1988 to 1993 Scientific Programmer I

Consulting and Misc. Projects.


High Level: C, GNU C++, MS Visual C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, BASIC, COBOL, and FORTH

OS: FreeBSD, Linux, Vx Works, PSOS, UNIX, DOS, MS-Windows 2K, Mac OS X, Solaris

Compression: MPEG1, MEPG2, MPEG4(all profiles), H.263, H.264, 3GPP, 3GPP2, Wavelet, Fractal, JPEG, GSM, AMR

Kernel Development & Drivers: FreeBSD, Linux, V4L2, BSD/OS (BSDI), NetBSD, DOS, Windows

Assembly/Machine: MMX, SSP2, 80386 protected, TriMedia tm1300, 6809, 68K, Z180/Z80, 6502, 8051, DSP 56001

MISC: HTML, Java, JavaScript, CGI’s and E-commerce, Postscript, X Windows, CVS, GDB, KDB, PERL, Routing, TCP/IP


Founder of SVBUG (Silicon Valley BSD Unix Users Group), Tech Startup Connection, Amateur Radio license KE6BYN


·          Stanford University, Foothill College, Santa Clara University – Attended many courses as non-matriculated student.

·          Self-Educated - I have studied countless of books on computers, engineering, science, medicine, advanced mathematics, business, and management.