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The Sokol Name

Sokol is (Czech: Hawk or Falcon )
And in Russian is (duck hawk, falcon, mortarboard, tercel, tiercel),

Polish (Sokól), Czech, Slovak, Belorussian, Croatian, and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic) means 'falcon', hence a metonymic occupational name for a falconer, or a nickname for someone thought to resemble a falcon in some way. As a Jewish name it is generally ornamental.

The Sokol City

This is the Blazon (coat-of-arms) of Vologda Oblast City of Sokol in Northwestern Russia

Sokol is a city and river port, centre of Sokol rayon (sector), Vologda oblast (province), Russia. The port lies along the Sukhona River.

To write sokol in Chinese " 索科尔 "

Use of the Sokol Name on different products

There is a Sokol Beer from Russia

Sokol is a Moscow Metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line. The station opened on 11 September 1938.


Sokol Blosser Winery

Sokol TV - All TV transmission in Russia is done under SECAM standard

Sokol Brothers Furnature

Logo from Russian Sokol Mig Fighter

Some sort of Polish Music thing??

Russian Rangefinder Camera Sokol Automat - Enlarge
Closeup of another Sokol Camera

Sokol Razor Blades

Sokol brand Motorcycle

Sokol Motorcycles

Sokol NewPaper

Sokol Hockey Team

Another Hockey team in Kiev, Ukraine

highspeed train (ES250-001, Sokol)
High-speed mainline railway between St.Petersburg and Moscow
Another site discussing the Sokol Train

Sokol bus

Genuine Soviet Sokol KV-2 spacesuit
These spacesuit were used by a Russian cosmonaut during the 1980s.

Sokol Liberec ( Czech Rep ) badge

Sokol Radio made in USSR

Sokol Magazine , See Full size

Notice from Sokol Hall in New Jersey

Notice from Sokol Hall in San Francisco See another

1939 Polish Air Force prototype fighter design , which was never produced in time before the invasion of Poland , the PZL-45 Sokol

Hotel Sokol in Bulgaria.

Symbol of the national gymnastic organizations of Slavic peoples, Sokol -- here an old version from Slovenia.

The Sokol movement
The Sokol is a very well known organization in what is now the Czech republic, Slovakia, and America. This is there logo.

Russian Hydrofoil, Sokol is the world's largest and most powerful operational hydrofoil "warship". Displacement 465 tons, maximum speed is 60 knots, built by Zelenodolsk shipyard in 1977.

Sokol Motorcycle club

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